Christie Turley

"Clairvoyance" Doesn't Mean What You May Think It Means

by Christie Turley
Many people throw around this word. They think this is a special “gift” to see the future, hear spirits, tell someone hidden things about themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Just like we have physical senses, we have spiritual senses too. We do NOT have just one extra “6th sense.” There are actually TEN spiritual senses.

Clairvoyance is just ONE of these TEN spiritual senses. 

In a nutshell, Clairvoyance is French for “Clear Seeing”.
It DOES NOT mean fortune telling, seeing the future or hearing spirits… Those are Spiritual Gifts (and they’re actually discussed in the bible as the spirit of prophecy, discernment of spirits, etc.). These Gifts can be used with ANY of the ten spiritual senses.

How Clairvoyance Works:  

In your mind, you may see pictures, metaphors, visions, dreams, symbols, colors, auras, spirits and scenarios playing out (any or all of these). You can see with your spiritual or physical eyes.


When I’m working on marketing and branding, I can often see the perfect image or symbol to use for my clients (with my spiritual eyes). Another example is getting a metaphor or analogy to explain something to someone (with my spiritual eyes). As it has developed, I now can also see energy and colors at night with my physical eyes as I’m drifting to sleep. Martina can see light and energy with her physical eyes - anytime, on command. 


It’s easy to share and can give “evidence” to other people.


The challenge can be with discernment and interpreting the dreams and images. One can get lost in the visuals and not find meaning.

Okay, now for some tough love...

I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but having the Clairvoyant spiritual sense is not that special... 

It’s like talking about your “physical” sight like this, “I have eyes! Oh I can see through my eyes!”

We don’t brag about physical senses we’re born with, so why would we brag about a spiritual sense we have?  

You have at least one spiritual sense that you’re born with (Yes, YOU… endowed by your Creator so you can get divine help through this crazy life).  

You may not be aware that these spiritual senses are at your command! When you become aware of your spiritual senses, you can practice and develop the spiritual sense. It’s incredibly valuable because you can use it to make better decisions, have more confidence in the daily steps of life, and fulfill your purpose.

It is like learning a magic trick. ANYONE can learn it — once they understand how it works. 

Would you like to know your top Spiritual Sense out of the 4 most common?

If so, take this free quiz ➡️ 

After you take this quiz, you’ll receive your results. If you choose, you can also watch a complimentary presentation about ALL 10 Spiritual Senses.

I hope this helps! 

Martina’s and my mission is to de-mystify all the “woo” for the rest of us so we can use these God-given gifts and spiritual senses to improve our lives and better the planet! 
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