Martina Muir

Guidelines for Asking Questions Before, During or After our Live Stream

With Martina Muir
Did you know that every Wednesday at 11:00 AM Mountain, we go live on Facebook and YouTube?

We share the "Daily Energy" (as in what on Earth is happening right now?), discuss a variety of topics and answer your questions about identity, intuition, gifts, purpose and more.

You can ask questions and we'll share what comes up for you using our own spiritual gifts.

✅ Ask anything about your gifts, new gifts arriving, your purpose, struggles, blocks, health and more. You can also ask for a “general reading.”

✅ Ask one question at a time. 

✅ We advise you to pray and ponder on what you receive and discern what God wants you to know.  

✅ We choose questions intuitively, not necessarily in order of receipt.

🚫 Please refrain from asking questions that are future predicting or fortune telling. Timelines can change with each choice a person makes, which creates multiple futures.

🚫 Please refrain from asking questions that involve someone else, their energy or circumstances. Having permission to look at someone's energy is important. 

✍ Where to ask:

📲 in the comments on the Livestream on Facebook Live or YouTube.

🙏 If you’ve asked a question in the past, BEFORE you ask again, consider paying it forward! Here are some suggestions...
💜 Share the live stream post on your profile.
💜 Tag friends in the post.
💜 Send the live stream post in Messenger or email.
💜 Invite people to Like the Page.

👍 Like our Facebook page and/or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and hit the notifications button to be notified when we go live!

❓*You can request to remain anonymous.
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