Your Intuitive Personality Type is... Earth

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In general, as an Earth Intuitive Personality, you:
  • Receive intuitive information through insights and direction during your regular day.
  • Experience intuition working best when received during your routine and daily actions.
  • May receive promptings without realizing it, and they seem more like instinct.
  • Trust intuitive experiences that are visible, tangible and from a trusted source.
  • Tend to focus on details first, rather than the big picture.
  • Can trust experience first, rather than words and images.
  • Can pay so much attention to facts, either present or past, that you can miss new possibilities.
  • Can be pragmatic and look to the "bottom line."
  • Tend to pay attention to physical reality—what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.
  • Can be concerned with what is present, current, and real.
  • Can notice facts and remember details that are important.
  • Like to see the practical use of things and learn best when you see how to use what you’re learning.
  • You believe that experience speaks louder than words.
  • Driven toward results, traditions, getting things done, routines and methodical systems.
  • The verb that defines an Earth is to “DO”.

An Earth Intuitive Personality has a common block to their intuition.

They tend to get caught up in the routine and tasks of their daily life and so the subtle intuitive messages can go unnoticed. They may feel like they cannot tap into their intuition or they doubt what does come to them through their intuition. They may even feel overwhelmed or become concerned if intuitive messages seem too weird or woo-woo.

How to Train Intuitive Muscles & Strengthen Spiritual Gifts

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When you join The Intuition Gym, it's simple for you to:

Let's Ask You a Question: 
How do you discern what’s best for you?

Be Your Own Guru

You must train your intuitive muscles and strengthen your spiritual gifts, so you can be your own guru, anchored in God’s truths—instead of giving your power away to other gurus (whether they’re spiritual, personal development or business gurus).

Your Intuition is a Muscle

Your intuition is like a muscle that must be exercised and stretched in order to increase its capacity to receive spiritual gifts and reach higher levels of discernment. The spiritual battlefield is real. Outright lies, deceptive truths, partial truths and hidden truths are all around us. 

Truth is Not Relative

Truth is not relative, as many people would have you believe. God’s truth is unchangeable. The question becomes: How do you find God’s truth for your life, tap into your true divine identity, claim your spiritual gifts and fulfill your soul purpose? How do you get your Soul into alignment with God's truth?

The Art of Upleveling

Many spiritual seekers suffer from the idea that once you open up your intuition and have achieved some level of spirituality that they’ve arrived at a destination.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no destination when it comes to leveling up and opening your spiritual gifts. 

When you have a growth mindset, you realize that a new level appears with every step up the staircase of progression. 

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What can cause a plateau of spiritual learning?

Been There, Done That.

Some might fall into an ego trap that they’re “all knowing” when it comes to spirituality. They don't have a beginner's mindset and have turned off receptivity to learning new truths. This has its consequences and can cause harm to themselves and others.  

Overcomplicating It.

Another trap is that some can stumble on spiritual teachings that overcomplicate or skew the teachings of God in deceptive ways. Not all methods are 100% light and can cause harm when they are at a lower frequency than you! 

Mimicking the Source.

Some may also try to fit God into methods and modalities that are not grounded and centered in Him. They could also completely dismiss Him or not give Him credit as the Source. In other words, they set up themselves (or others) as a light.

There Are More Blocks to Growth...

Some place themselves above others

Are they setting themselves up as the light or a "guru"? Those that have the “one-thing” or “one-answer” are often deceived by the chatty realm or their own service-to-self agenda. (The truth is, the mysteries of God are infinite and he is the true Source of the answers that will most benefit you).

Some make intuition and spiritual gifts mystical or prideful 

They can state that you're either born with the "intuitive gift" or you're not. The truth is, it's an ability that all have and are all capable of strengthening. 

Some claim they have an "in" on the other side.

They may claim they speak to or are besties with famous figures on the other side of the veil. (What they might not know is they dialed up a spiritual 900 number and they think they’re talking to a sexy lady, but it’s actually the equivalent of a 400 pound man.) Deception can happen anytime if there aren’t checkpoints in place.

Some may preach about authenticity.

They preach about authenticity, but there’s something “off” or “misaligned” when they talk about it. It’s a vibe you get from them. Maybe they are preaching they’ve already arrived at authenticity. (The truth is, it's a regular daily “workout” to get into alignment with your true self and continue to strengthen your intuitive muscles).

Some don’t honor agency and overstep boundaries.

 Some inexperienced spiritual teachers can actually cause harm because they do things energetically without permission of others or they’re irresponsible in managing their energy and it can bleed onto others. This also applies to personal and business development coaches offering unsolicited advice, criticism and ideas.

Some overemphasize feminine energy.

There might be a huge emphasis on feminine energy, instead of valuing masculine energy too. (In fact, when we tap into our own unique divine balance of feminine and masculine energies, our energy and personal power skyrockets).

Awakening is Not a Destination!
It's Only the Beginning...

You can learn to use your intuition for yourself and reach new heights of spiritual strength to fulfill your purpose. 

At The Intuition Gym (just like a real gym), you can perform exercises that suit your intuitive strength level (whether you're a beginner or very advanced. 

You can try out different stations and different workouts and mix and match them to suit right where you are now—and level up when you’re ready. 

Similar to a physical gym, you’ll find the weekend warriors, the beginners, the gym rats, and the body builders. One thing’s for certain, we’re not taking gym selfies—no room for ego or comparison-itis here!

Each person is at a different point of their spiritual journey and so we’re all supportive of each other, regardless of where we are on our journey.

Get Your "Daily Dose" in these Nine Categories:

Here’s some of what you’ll enjoy at The Intuition Gym:

If you want to reach your next level, then THIS will help you do it.

Trainings & Assessments

Fundamental trainings & intuitive assessments to help you accelerate your progress and avoid the pitfalls along the way. Multiple modalities for on-the-go training: video, audio, transcripts and downloads.

Engaging Workouts

You’ll learn exercises to help you integrate your intuition into your daily life. The metaphorical equivalents to cardio, strength training and stretching areas with help in choosing the right intuitive exercises and intensity levels— to build up your intuitive muscles and stretch you to the next level!


You’ll also have your peers and trainers to help you see your blind spots, including peer-to-peer connection in the Gym Lounge, our group forum, and in our Facebook Group.

Quantum Weather Reports

Quantum Weather Reports (what’s going on in the world energetically and how to navigate it). 


The tools or “mirrors” to help you with self-discovery. These mirrors (the metaphorical kind) help you to check your form and make sure you’re doing the exercises in the most helpful way. 

Group Coaching

Our weekly group coaching is your chance to ask questions, get feedback and receive laser-focused coaching on your unique gifts and purpose.

Here are the 9 Categories of Classes:

(We call them "Class Rooms" like you might find in a gym)

From Muscle Testing to Shielding and Protection, master new modalities.

Find your purpose and mission.

"Learning from you is like having somebody casually hand you the key to unlock the door to the universe! I am always blown away at the quality AND quantity of the content. I'm always left inspired and ready to learn more.”
Shalie Ogden

Discover your soul identity- who you are and who you're not.

Manifest your desires through the power of intuition.

“Working on intuition with your help, I am able to see some blind spots in my approach to relationships, and how my gifts in some instances were getting in the way. This realization has helped me to make some needed adjustments and improve those relationships.”
James Moore

Develop your intuitive languages ("The Clairs") and strengthen gifts.

Gather weekly with fellow Gym Members LIVE on Wonder Wednesday

“I just want you to know I have been BLOWN away by your intuition teachings, truly. I've been doing this work, and dabbling in everything for years and I have gotten more out of you than I have anywhere!”
Ashley francom
Training your intuitive muscles and strengthening your spiritual gifts have never been easier.  
Expanding your mindset, you realize soon that there is more behind each door or window you open. It’s a progression that gets stronger as your intuition grows. 

My favorite part of the gym is the fact it’s about you, where you are and expanding that spiritual space. 

You cannot fake true source, yet many “gurus” and guides are simply expanding their space and taking you on along for the journey without being truly connected. The fact is, we are all divinely spiritual beings and the gym guides you in those personal inquiries. The answers are authentically yours, not curated.  

You learn to listen to your spirit and connect with the divine in a unique way that’s tailored to YOU. 

Thank You Christie & Martina. The space is beautiful.
Sharon McDonald
Wellness Entrepreneur
The Intuition Gym is a wonderland of  exercises and experiences for anyone wishing to get in touch with their intuition or hone and expand their gifts.

If you are looking for a safe, fun and encouraging space to experiment and learn, then this is your place and your tribe. 

You can go at your pace and always feel supported by either of the founders, Christie and Martina and the phenomenal community. 
Karith Foster
Founder of Inversity Solutions and author of You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy
The Intuition Gym membership is so amazing! It is at such a low price especially for all of the value and great content that comes from years of learning and gaining wisdom and then the developing of their own gifts as the co-founders of the gym.

I feel that Martina and Christie truly care about each of their members and it’s so much more than just a membership, you become part of a team, like being a part of a family. I have also loved the Wednesday Zoom meetings that are for those apart of the gym and the sisterhood that I have felt there.

I have felt really seen as I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of this group and I continually am able to learn. I look forward to my time in the gym, the FB groups, and the tools that I am learning and striving to apply to my own life.

Martina and Christie have a gift to teach to all and not just a particular group, they are able to get on the same level of each person. I highly recommend joining! 
Amber Sessions
Graphic Designer
I have already had such a powerful and positive experience with Christie and Martina. I LOVE how organized they are with the amount of resources that are available in the continually blows my mind at HOW MUCH is in there for me to consume! It's beautiful and it just shows how much experience these two women have in helping others develop their intuitive capacities. I've been so happy with how many resources I have access to, now to get to work applying them.
Jacque Alderete
Transformational Life Coach and Faith-based mentor 

Here are SOME of the Classes in The Intuition Gym:

(These 22+ classes, plus group coaching represent a VALUE of $5,000+ if you were to invest in all of it separately, and you can join for only for a FRACTION of the investment).

When You Join Now, You'll Also Receive This Bonus: 

BONUS (Value $497): Our Brand New Video Training, "The ReSOULutionists' Guide to the Universe" and accompanying Study Guide eBook.

  • Your Purpose
  • Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Your Intuitive Personality Type
  • Your Intuitive Language (The "Clairs")
  • Your Archetype
  • Your Empath Type
  • Your Expression Style
  • Your Mental Lens
  • Your Beliefs, Emotions and Wounds that can keep you from accessing intuition and your next level of growth
  • And how to apply all of this to access new levels of your intuition
Write your awesome label here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!
Have a question before joining The Intuition Gym? 
Below is a list of our most popular questions. Take a look and see if your question is listed here. If not, you can contact our Support team by clicking that button in the lower right-hand corner. 

This sounds overwhelming, how much time will it take for me to implement?

Just like a physical gym, you can spend as much or as little time “working out” as you’d like.

If you work out more, your intuitive muscles will develop and get stronger and by Universal Spiritual Law, you’ll receive additional gifts when you’re ready.

Some of our members invest 30 minutes a week, and some members invest hours per week.

The choice is up to you! Go as fast or as slow as you’d like. Remember, your pace is perfect for you. Otherwise, you’d do it differently. 😊

I struggle with confidence with my gifts and intuition, will this help?

You’re in good company! Many of us in The Intuition Gym don’t see ourselves as special because of our gifts. This is because every human being is capable of developing their spiritual senses, gifts and intuition.

We’re all at different phases of our spiritual journey and our gifts are going to look different from each other. If you’re a complete beginner, there’s a place for you here. If you have advanced gifts like our co-founders Martina and Christie, keep in mind “there’s always room to grow” and there’s a place for you here, too.

Also, as you begin to practice and use your intuition and your spiritual gifts, your confidence will grow. This is a safe space to explore and expand.

I don’t know if I have spiritual gifts, will this membership still help me?

We all have spiritual gifts. It’s just a matter of discovering what they are and using them. When you first join, you’ll be able to take a personality quiz and watch a short video course about your Intuitive Personality Type. We’re all wired differently and have different personalities; intuition can work differently depending on your personality.

You’ll also be able to watch videos about the Intuitive Senses and you’ll start learning your unique Intuitive Language.

If you’re still not sure about your gifts, that’s what our Weekly Group Coaching is all about! One of our co-founders has a unique spiritual gift where she can see energy and light with her physical eyes, so she can look at you and explain what she sees in terms of your spiritual gifts and/or your purpose.

The Intuition Gym is all about taking the steps towards deepening our understanding of our spiritual gifts and intuition, so we can hear divine guidance easier and use these gifts to FULFILL OUR PURPOSE.

Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

As a member of The Intuition Gym, you have FOUR wonderful ways to get the support and feedback you need.
1. The Private (Members-Only) Facebook Group
Ask questions, get feedback or start a discussion in our Members-Only Facebook Group.
2. The Community on
You can also ask questions and get feedback in our private members-only community on
3. LIVE Group Coaching Calls on "Wonder Wednesdays"
You’ll receive LIVE group coaching calls with co-founders Martina and Christie, along with the other Members. Feel free to ask questions or for any clarifications. We also provide an opportunity for laser-focused coaching on Members’ unique spiritual gifts, purpose, energy, challenges, etc. 
4. Our Support Team
Any “technical” issues about your membership (login, billing, etc.) can be addressed by our Support Team at any time.

What is the guarantee for The Intuition Gym?

We offer a LIFETIME Conditional Guarantee. We do not offer refunds. 

All we require is that you’ve COMPLETED the classes, attended the coaching calls (or watched the replays) AND submitted a form answering questions.

This is our commitment to you.

We want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the Community!

What can I expect once I join The Intuition Gym?

Once you join, you’ll be logged in automatically.

Look for the “Start Here” button so you can learn what to do first.

In the "Start Here" section, you'll also receive information about our weekly group coaching, which we call “Wonder Wednesdays.” 

You’ll also get the links to join our online social community and private Facebook Group.
For technical issues, please contact us at 


Still have questions before joining? We can help you. You can click on the button in the lower right-hand corner (If you have a Facebook Messenger account, please login). 


You can also email us at 

Join The Intuition Gym

About a $1/Day

(These 25+ classes, plus group coaching represent a VALUE of $5,000+ if you were to invest in all of it separately, and you can join for only for a FRACTION of the investment).

Two Options to Join:

Two Months Free
  • All Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Online Community
  • Two Paperback Books - Martina's Divine Emergence and Christie's The Intuition-Led Business.
  • Bonus: Access to our Quarterly Intuition Play Day event
  • All Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Online Community

So consider this:

What do you think you can achieve if you have full access to your God-given spiritual power to discern the best choices for your personal and professional life?

What’s possible if you can align your thoughts and actions with your desires and manifest outcomes in your life more quickly and smoothly?

What if you can strengthen your intuition in a way that can take your career and life to new levels?

What if you can identify the subconscious beliefs and traumas that are causing you to feel stuck or unable to reach the next level of your life?

What if you can tap into your divine potential and purpose and place your life, relationships, finances and/or business on a whole new trajectory?

What peace of mind will you have knowing you are hearing and following God’s instructions for your life so you can make choices more confidently and faithfully?

We know you’ll be delighted with The Intuition Gym. And if for some reason you’re not delighted with it, then you can cancel anytime.

Meet Your Trainers

Martina Muir

Martina loves to share her knowledge on:
🔥 Transformation - facing challenges with courageous faith and disrupting limiting beliefs and self-deceptions.
Identity - personality profiling, handwriting analysis, cognitive patterning and body mapping/language/profiling.
🎁 Intuition & Spiritual Gifts - discovering one's spiritual gifts, intuitive language(s) and mastering intuition.
Spirit Science - the scientific and spiritual aspects of light, metaphysics, energy, healing, and universal laws.
💧 Natural Medicine - reflexology, iridology, aromatherapy, meditation, plus 20+ healing modalities, including her own method called The BRAVE System.
🚀 Entrepreneurship - how to discover and bring your True Self and true message into your business.

Official Bio
Martina Muir is known for her passion, unique vision, perspective, and personal approach. She has over 20 years experience in psychology, handwriting analysis, cognitive patterns, personality profiling (face, hand, body language), and numerous alternative healing modalities and methods. She began her speaking and mentoring career in 2007 and has since been a keynote speaker, spoken to international audiences and a contributing author. Martina is the author of Divine Emergence: Call Forth Your Soul Identity and Claim Your Purpose as well as the creator of numerous training programs and events centered around the scientific and spiritual aspects of light.

She is co-founder of The Intuition Gym, along with Christie Turley, and has previously owned several other businesses in the health, fitness, food, education, marketing and services industries. Martina has many unique intuitive gifts, including the ability to see energy and light with her physical eyes and feeling subtle energies. One of her greatest joys—besides being a wife and mother—is seeing the light in an entrepreneur’s eyes after they discover who they truly are and how their gifts will bless this planet.

Christie Turley

Christie loves to share her knowledge on:
🏅 Visioning & Manifesting - attracting abundance and manifesting your ideal life, finances and relationships. 
🎁 Intuition & Spiritual Gifts - including how to open up to receive gifts and apply them to your life and career.
💜 Self-Care - rituals, meditation, affirmations, gratitude, non-negotiables and self-healing modalities.
🦋 Reinventions - whether personal or in business, helping people through the up's and down's of a rebirth.
🧬️ Personal Alignment - discovering purpose, connecting to the True Self and shedding limiting beliefs.
📣 Branding, Marketing & Selling - branding, messaging, design, visibility, marketing and selling in an authentic way. 

Official Bio
Brand catalyst Christie Turley sparks innovative positioning and messaging in businesses worldwide. Her superpower is uncovering hidden brand DNA and crafting the positioning that amplifies influence— leading to massive results, like one client who grew from zero to $15 million in under a year. She launched her career while juggling college classes and by age 24, she had grown two businesses by more than $30 Million.

Since then, she’s started eight businesses, including her branding firm BoldImpact42, and The Intuition Gym, where she and her business partner Martina Muir teach intuition mastery, finding purpose and personal reinventions. 

Christie Turley is the author of the book, The Intuition-Led Business and the host of The Intuition-Led Business Podcast. An engaging speaker, she has shared the stage with Hay House CEO Reid Tracy, marketing legend Dan Kennedy, and many New York Times bestselling authors. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband of 18 years and their two children who came miraculously after many years of intending.

Join The Intuition Gym

About a $1/Day

(These 25+ classes, plus group coaching represent a VALUE of $5,000+ if you were to invest in all of it separately, and you can join for only for a FRACTION of the investment).

Two Options to Join:

Two Months Free
  • All Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Online Community
  • Two Paperback Books - Martina's Divine Emergence and Christie's The Intuition-Led Business.
  • Bonus: Access to our Quarterly Intuition Play Day event
  • All Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Online Community
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