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Ascension Symptoms and Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

When your external world blows up or you’re shaken to your core, you can feel dissociated and frankly, you can experience all sorts of emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

Check out the below Ascension Symptoms and signs you're going through a spiritual awakening, and then find out how you can work through it in this blog post, Part 1 of our Spiritual Awakenings series.  

Ascension Symptoms (Signs of a Spiritual Awakening)

  • Feeling unsettled.
  • No longer enjoying small talk.
  • Not finding meaning in things anymore. 
  • Shallow conversations are painful. 
  • You want to shake everyone else around you and tell them to wake up.
  • Old things are now intolerable.
  • Having a desire to learn all you can.
  • Opening of supernatural gifts and experiences.
  • Sensitivity to things, energies, emotions, movies, people, situations… this can include sensitivity on the mental, spiritual, and physical body (absorbing) levels.
  • Possible physical symptoms may include body aches, ears ringing, headaches, stomach aches, nausea, light sensitivity and sinus pressure/issues. 
  • Experiencing ah-ha’s and having huge paradigm shifts. 
  • Healing or overcoming something. 
  • Achieving a new level of light.
  • Feeling a lack of purpose and passion.
  • Craving meaning and purpose to your life.
  • Feeling lost and empty.
  • Thirsting for authenticity and truth.
  • Yearning for a deeper spiritual connection.
  • Feeling disconnected from your current life.
  • Your life feels false or like a lie.
  • Beginning to ask deep questions.
  • Your beliefs and perceptions you once embraced, now seem false.
  • Starting to see through the societal illusions.
  • Experiencing a deep empathy and compassion.
  • You feel a need to be alone.
  • Becoming more aware of your old negative habits.
  • Desiring to make the world better.
  • You have a sincere desire to know who you are.
  • Heightened synchronicity and coincidences, even something small like seeing repeating number patterns.
  • Feeling a wonder, awe and a childlike curiosity.
  • You have a genuine desire to share how you evolved to this point.
  • Having things come up to heal that you thought you had already overcome.
  • The ground underneath you feels shaky

You may even experience these challenges: 
  • Finding yourself revisiting things you thought you’ve overcome.
  • Tools that once worked aren’t having the same effect anymore.
  • Not having the ah-has you used to.
  • Not having the big spiritual experiences that you once had (feels like gifts are shut off).
  • You may experience an increase in negativity coming at you, whether it’s people, adversarial entities or situations.
  • Feeling a panic or insatiable desire to learn and find the answer.

What do you do if you relate to these signs and symptoms? "Keep calm and carry on." We have some tools and resources to help you on your journey. 

If you have questions about any struggles or blocks, join us on our livestream on Facebook or YouTube at 11am on weekdays. Martina can look at your gifts using her gifts of seeing light and energy with her physical eyes. 

And, remember, whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone! It may feel like you are, but you’re not. We’ve prepared a place for others who are intentionally working through the Cycle of Ascension. We invite you to see what The Intuition Gym can do for you.

You can also keep reading and understand the Cycle of Ascension and our Spiritual Awakenings series.  
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