Christie Turley

Spiritual Awakenings (and how to deal with them)

Have you ever felt a call to something greater?  

Something may be whispering to you— perhaps a nudge toward a heart’s yearning. 

Or… maybe things go terribly wrong and the next thing you know, you’re shocked into a crisis... 

Either way, life is leveling up! 

It’s called the Cycle of Ascension. The cycle repeats over and over through life, like a strand of DNA or a Fibonacci spiral.  Each cycle leads to an “ascending” to the next level of your journey.

Here are the 3 Catalysts that Trigger the Ascension Process:

  1. Spiritual Awakenings can happen at any moment and in any period of your life. They can be triggered by a major life change — an illness, trauma, tragedy, relationships, loss of a loved one, mental health, and/or world upheaval… the list goes on. Even past traumas are included— they can lie dormant in the unconscious mind for years until they are ready to be healed. When they surface to be healed, it can cause all sorts of emotions and chaos.
  2. You could also start to feel that life no longer makes sense. Perhaps you start to look at your beliefs that you once embraced, without ever questioning them. As you start to question and challenge your old paradigm, the old beliefs start to fall away and reveal truth. If your foundation was built upon these beliefs, the ground underneath you can start to feel shaky.
  3. You could also begin to question your life’s direction, meaning and higher purpose. You may desire new experiences and to make your life better. This can create a seeking that pulls you toward new information and shift you out of old paradigms of belief.

In the next few blog posts, we’ll take you through each stage of the Cycle of Ascension and how to make it through the stage.

For this first Catalyst stage, how do you make it through to the next stage? 
  • Ponder, pray and ask for guidance
  • Debate your old beliefs; look for new evidence.
  • Question it all! It’s okay to question.

If you’re going through this stage, you’re not alone! It may feel like you are, but you’re not. We’ve prepared a place for others who are intentionally working through the Cycle of Ascension. We invite you to read the results our members are having and to see what The Intuition Gym can do for you.

Watch for our next blog post in the next couple of days when we go over the next stage of the Cycle of Ascension. You may also find these symptoms of Ascension interesting.

Sending much love,

Martina Muir & Christie Turley

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